Circuit Knitting Toolbox

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Circuit Knitting is the process of decomposing a quantum circuit into smaller circuits, executing those smaller circuits on a quantum processor(s), and then knitting their results into a reconstruction of the original circuit’s outcome.

The toolbox currently contains the following tools:

  • Circuit Cutting

For a more detailed discussion on circuit cutting, check out our technical guide.

This project is meant to evolve rapidly and, as such, does not follow Qiskit’s deprecation policy. We may occasionally make breaking changes in order to improve the user experience. When possible, we will keep old interfaces and mark them as deprecated, as long as they can co-exist with the new ones. Each substantial improvement, breaking change, or deprecation will be documented in the Release Notes.

Citing this project

If you use the Circuit Knitting Toolbox in your research, please cite it according to CITATON.bib file included in this repository:

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If you are using the entanglement forging tool in CKT version 0.5.0 or earlier, please use an older version of the citation file which includes the authors of that tool.

Developer guide

The source code to the toolbox is available on GitHub.

The developer guide is located at in the root of this project’s repository.