CutQC (legacy circuit cutting implementation)#

The cutqc module implements the wire cutting technique and automatic cut finding method described in the research paper arXiv:2012.02333. Historically, this was the original circuit cutting implementation in the Circuit Knitting Toolbox. Going forward, this module is considered legacy code that is supported, but new features are not expected. New users of the toolbox should use the new circuit cutting interface, instead, unless they specifically need a feature that is not (yet) supported by the new code. These features currently specific to cutqc include:

  • Reconstruction of probability distributions (rather than expectation values)

  • Automatic cut finding

CutQC Tutorials#

  • Tutorial 1: Perform circuit cutting with automated cut finding, using a mixed-integer programming model.

  • Tutorial 2: Perform circuit cutting by manually specifying wire cut locations.

  • Tutorial 3: Use Quantum Serverless to allocate steps of the circuit cutting workflow to various compute resources (e.g., the cloud).