run_subcircuit_instances(subcircuits, subcircuit_instances, service=None, backend_names=None, options=None)[source]

Execute all provided subcircuits.

Using the backend(s) provided, this executes all the subcircuits to generate the resultant probability vectors. subcircuit_instance_probs[subcircuit_idx][subcircuit_instance_idx] = measured probability

  • subcircuits (-) – the list of subcircuits to execute

  • subcircuit_instances (-) – dictionary containing information about each of the subcircuit instances

  • service (-) – the runtime service

  • backend_names (-) – the backend(s) used to execute the subcircuits

  • options (-) – options for the runtime execution of subcircuits


the probability vectors from each of the subcircuit instances

Return type:

  • (Dict)