Driven Frequency Tuning (qiskit_experiments.library.driven_freq_tuning)


StarkRamseyXY(physical_qubits[, backend])

A sign-sensitive experiment to measure the frequency of a qubit under a pulsed Stark tone.

StarkRamseyXYAmpScan(physical_qubits[, backend])

A fast characterization of Stark frequency shift by varying Stark tone amplitude.

StarkP1Spectroscopy(physical_qubits[, backend])

P1 spectroscopy experiment with Stark tone.



Ramsey XY analysis for the Stark shifted phase sweep.


Analysis class for StarkP1Spectroscopy.

Stark Coefficient

StarkCoefficients(pos_coef_o1, pos_coef_o2, ...)

A collection of coefficients characterizing Stark shift.

retrieve_coefficients_from_backend(backend, ...)

Retrieve StarkCoefficients object from the Qiskit backend.

retrieve_coefficients_from_service(service, ...)

Retrieve StarkCoefficients object from experiment service.