Test Utilities (qiskit_experiments.test)#

This module contains classes and functions that are used to enable testing of Qiskit Experiments. It’s primarily composed of mock backends that simulate real backends.

Fake Backends#

Mock backends for running simulated jobs.

PulseBackend(static_hamiltonian, ...[, ...])

Abstract base class for pulse simulation backends in Qiskit Experiments.

SingleTransmonTestBackend([qubit_frequency, ...])

A backend that corresponds to a three level anharmonic transmon qubit.

MockIQBackend([experiment_helper, rng_seed])

A mock backend for testing with IQ data.

MockIQParallelBackend([experiment_helper, ...])

A mock backend for testing parallel experiments with IQ data.

T2HahnBackend([t2hahn, frequency, ...])

A simple and primitive backend, to be run by the T2Hahn tests

NoisyDelayAerBackend([t1, t2, dt, backend])

Backend for T1 and T2Ramsey experiments.


Helper classes for supporting test functionality.

MockIQExperimentHelper([iq_cluster_centers, ...])

Abstract class for the MockIQ helper classes.

MockIQParallelExperimentHelper(exp_list, ...)

Helper for Parallel experiment.