Test Utilities (qiskit_experiments.test)

This module contains classes and functions that are used to enable testing of Qiskit Experiments. It’s primarily composed of mock backends that simulate real backends.

Fake Backends

Mock backends for running simulated jobs.

PulseBackend(static_hamiltonian, ...[, ...])

Abstract base class for pulse simulation backends in Qiskit Experiments.

SingleTransmonTestBackend([qubit_frequency, ...])

A backend that corresponds to a three level anharmonic transmon qubit.

MockIQBackend([experiment_helper, rng_seed])

A mock backend for testing with IQ data.

MockIQParallelBackend([experiment_helper, ...])

A mock backend for testing parallel experiments with IQ data.

T2HahnBackend([t2hahn, frequency, ...])

A simple and primitive backend, to be run by the T2Hahn tests

NoisyDelayAerBackend([t1, t2, dt, backend])

Backend for T1 and T2Ramsey experiments.


Helper classes for supporting test functionality.

MockIQExperimentHelper([iq_cluster_centers, ...])

Abstract class for the MockIQ helper classes.

MockIQParallelExperimentHelper(exp_list, ...)

Helper for Parallel experiment.