Control figure generation


You want to change the default behavior where figures are generated with every experiment.


For a single non-composite experiment, figure generation can be switched off by setting the analysis option plot to False:

experiment.analysis.set_options(plot = False)

For composite experiments, there is a generate_figures analysis option which controls how child figures are generated. There are three options:

  • always: The default behavior, generate figures for each child experiment.

  • never: Never generate figures for any child experiment.

  • selective: Only generate figures for analysis results where quality is bad. This is useful for large composite experiments where you only want to examine qubits with problems.

This parameter should be set on the analysis of a composite experiment before the analysis runs:

parallel_exp = ParallelExperiment(
    [T1(physical_qubits=(i,), delays=delays) for i in range(2)]


These options are useful for large composite experiments, where generating all figures incurs a significant overhead.

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