Control the splitting of experiment circuits into jobs


You want to manually control how an experiment is split into jobs when running on a backend.


There are two experiment options relevant to custom job splitting. You can set the max_circuits option manually when running an experiment:

exp = Experiment((0,))

The experiment class will split its circuits into jobs such that no job has more than max_circuits number of jobs.

Furthermore, the BatchExperiment class has the experiment option separate_jobs which will run circuits of different sub-experiments in different jobs:

batch_exp = BatchExperiment([exp, exp])

Note that this option is only available to BatchExperiment objects. To manage job splitting when using ParallelExperiment, you can make a nested batch experiment of parallel experiments.


Qiskit Experiments will automatically split circuits across jobs for you for backends that have a maximum circuit number per job, which is given by the max_experiments property of configuration() for V1 backends and the max_circuits attribute for V2 backends. This should work automatically in most cases, but there may be some backends where other limits exist. When the max_circuits experiment option is provided, the experiment class will split the experiment circuits as dictated by the smaller of the backend property and the experiment option.