Qiskit Experiments Documentation

Qiskit Experiments provides both a library of standard quantum characterization, calibration, and verification experiments, and a general framework for implementing custom experiments which can be run on quantum devices through Qiskit.

We’ve divided up the documentation into four sections with different purposes:


These step-by-step tutorials teach the fundamentals of the package and are suitable for getting started. You’ll find in these tutorials:

How-To Guides

These standalone how-to guides provide short and direct solutions to some commonly asked questions for Qiskit Experiments users. You’ll find in these guides:

Experiment Manuals

These are in-depth manuals to key experiments in the package, describing their background, principle, and how to run them in Qiskit Experiments. You’ll find in these manuals:

API Reference

This is a detailed description of every module, method, and function in Qiskit Experiments and how to use them, suitable for those working closely with specific parts of the package or writing your custom code. You’ll find in these references:

  • Parameters, attributes, and methods of the BaseExperiment class

  • Default experiment, transpile, and run options for the T1 experiment