class EchoedCrossResonance(basis_gates=None, default_values=None, target_pulses=True)[source]

A library for echoed cross-resonance gates.

The cr45p and cr45m include a pulse on the control qubit and optionally a pulse on the target qubit.

Provided gates:
  • cr45p: GaussianSquare cross-resonance gate for a \(+\pi/4\) rotation.

  • cr45m: GaussianSquare cross-resonance gate for a \(-\pi/4\) rotation.

  • ecr: Echoed cross-resonance gate defined as cr45p - x - cr45m.

  • rzx: RZXGate built from the ecr as cr45p - x - cr45m - x.

Required gates:
Pulse parameters:
  • tgt_amp: The amplitude of the pulse applied to the target qubit. Default value: 0.

  • σ: The standard deviation of the flanks. Default value: 64 samples.

  • amp: The amplitude of the pulses applied to the control qubit. Default value: 50%.

  • duration: The duration of the cr45p and cr45m pulses. Default value: 1168 samples.

  • risefall: The number of σ’s in the flanks of the pulses. Default value: 2.

Setup the library.

  • basis_gates (List[str] | None) – The basis gates to generate.

  • default_values (Dict | None) – A dictionary to override library default parameter values.

  • target_pulses (bool) – If True (the default) then drives will be added to the target qubit during the CR tones on the control qubit.



Return the basis gates supported by the library.



Return the schedule.

Return type:



The length of the library defined as the number of basis gates.


Return the settings used to initialize the library.

Return type:

Dict[str, Any]


The default values of the CR library.

Return type:


classmethod from_config(config)

Deserialize the library given the input dictionary

Return type:


get(k[, d]) D[k] if k in D, else d.  d defaults to None.
items() a set-like object providing a view on D's items
keys() a set-like object providing a view on D's keys

Return the number of qubits that the schedule with the given name acts on.

Return type:


values() an object providing a view on D's values