class RestlessToIQ(validate=True)[source]

Post-process restless data and convert restless memory to IQ data.

This node first orders the measured restless IQ point (measurement level 1) data according to the measurement sequence and then subtracts an IQ point from the previous one, i.e. \((I_2 - I_1) + i(Q_2 - Q_1)\) for consecutively measured IQ points \(I_1 + iQ_1\) and \(I_2 + iQ_2\). Following this, it takes the absolute value of the in-phase and quadrature component and returns a sequence of circuit- ordered IQ values, e.g. containing \(|I_2 - I_1| + i|Q_2 - Q_1|\). This procedure is based on M. Werninghaus, et al., PRX Quantum 2, 020324 (2021).


validate (bool) – If set to False the DataAction will not validate its input.



Call the data action of this node on the data.


data (ndarray) – A numpy array with arbitrary dtype. If the elements are ufloat objects consisting of a nominal value and a standard error, then the error propagation is done automatically.


The processed data.

Return type: