class AnalysisResultData(name, value, experiment=None, chisq=None, quality=None, experiment_id=None, result_id=None, tags=<factory>, backend=None, run_time=None, created_time=None, extra=<factory>, device_components=<factory>)[source]

Dataclass for experiment analysis results


value: Any
tags: List
extra: Dict[str, Any]


classmethod from_table_element(name, value, experiment=None, components=None, quality=None, experiment_id=None, result_id=None, tags=None, backend=None, run_time=None, created_time=None, **extra)[source]

A factory method of AnalysisResultData from a single element in AnalysisResultTable.

  • name (str) – Name of this entity.

  • value (Any) – Result value.

  • experiment (str | None) – Type of experiment.

  • components (List[DeviceComponent] | None) – Device component that the experiment was run on.

  • quality (str | None) – Quality of this result.

  • experiment_id (str | None) – ID of associated experiment.

  • result_id (str | None) – Unique ID of this data entry in the storage.

  • tags (List[str] | None) – List of tags.

  • backend (str | None) – Device name that the experiment was run on.

  • run_time (str | None) – A time at the experiment was run.

  • created_time (str | None) – A time at this value was computed.

  • **extra – Extra information.