Quantum serverless#

Quantum Serverless is a programming model for leveraging quantum and classical resources.


It is particularly useful for performing complex, long-running tasks on a regular basis.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using Quantum Serverless:

Scalability: Quantum Serverless allows users to easily scale their jobs by running them in parallel across multiple machines or general compute resources. This can significantly improve performance and reduce the time it takes to complete a job. When you hit the resource limits of your local machine, Quantum Serverless provides horizontal scalability for both quantum and classical workloads.

Remote execution: Quantum Serverless also provides asynchronous remote job execution, making it ideal for long-running scripts or jobs that you want to run somewhere and retrieve the results later. Users may upload compute-intensive scripts to a remote system and receive the results when they are ready.

The source code to the project is available on GitHub.