class CurveFitResult(method=None, model_repr=None, success=True, nfev=None, message='', dof=None, init_params=None, chisq=None, reduced_chisq=None, aic=None, bic=None, params=None, var_names=None, x_data=None, y_data=None, covar=None)[source]#

Result of Qiskit Experiment curve analysis.

Create new Qiskit curve analysis result object.

  • method (str | None) – A name of fitting algorithm used for the curve fitting.

  • model_repr (Dict[str, str] | None) – String representation of fit functions of each curve.

  • success (bool | None) – True when the fitting is successfully performed.

  • nfev (int | None) – Number of fit function evaluation until the solution is obtained.

  • message (str | None) – Any message from the fitting software.

  • dof (float | None) – Degree of freedom in this fitting, i.e. number of free parameters.

  • init_params (Dict[str, float] | None) – Initial parameters provided to the fitter.

  • chisq (float | None) – Chi-squared value.

  • reduced_chisq (float | None) – Reduced Chi-squared value.

  • aic (float | None) – Akaike’s information criterion.

  • bic (float | None) – Bayesian information criterion.

  • params (Dict[str, float] | None) – Estimated fitting parameters keyed on the parameter names in the fit function.

  • var_names (List[str] | None) – Name of variables, i.e. fixed parameters are excluded from the list.

  • x_data (ndarray | None) – X values used for the fitting.

  • y_data (ndarray | None) – Y values used for the fitting.

  • covar (ndarray | None) – Covariance matrix of fitting variables.



Correlation matrix of fit parameters.


UFloat representation of fit parameters.


Range of x_data values.


Range of y_data values.